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Answers  to FAQ's

Do cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or tarts contain nuts?

    No, they do not contain nuts. However, all items are made in a bakery that is

    not nut-free.


Do you have gluten-free products?

   Yes. We offer non-gluten products which do not contain gluten but are processed in a facility which handles gluten products.


How many cookies do I get in a cookie order?

    There are twelve delicious cookies in each order.


Do you provide plates and forks with cake orders?

    Yes. Plate kits are included with cake orders. The kits include plates, napkins, forks, and a knife.


I don’t want to miss the 7 day deadline for placing an order but I don’t have my student’s room number?

    Place the order for your student.  In the notes, specify that you will email the room number as

    soon as it becomes available to parentsclub.stanford@gmail.com.


Does my student need to be present to receive delivery?

    No. If your student is not "at home", the deliverer will leave your item with a roommate, another

    student on the same floor or in dorm kitchen.  For cookies or balloons, the deliverer

    will simply hang the item on the door handle. The delivery person will leave a note under the

    student's door indicating where the item is located and/or send a text message to the student.


What time of day do you deliver?

    Our volunteers will deliver anywhere from 11-4 pm.  We cannot accept requests to deliver at a

    specific time.


Why is the date that I want to specify for delivery is not available?

    We deliver 6 days a week from Monday through Saturday, except on football game days at

    Stanford and school holidays.


Can you deliver my student’s cake to another location other than student housing?

    We deliver to residential on-campus housing.  We cannot deliver to off-campus locations.



I missed the deadline! Is there a number I can call to get a last minute delivery?

    No, sorry. We need seven days advance notice to get orders into the bakery and deliverers assigned. All our deliverers are local parents who volunteer their time. We have delivered many belated birthday goodies to students who are thrilled to receive treats.


Here is a list of local stores that might be able to deliver on short notice.


    All The Buzz Gifts


    408.504.3703 - baskets which can include sweet treats, fruit, nuts, gluten free or vegan items


     The Nod Box - rustic wooden boxes with flowers, succulents, and cookies

     (650) 935-4150


    Draeger’s Market

    Menlo Park  (650) 324-7700  Flowers, Fruit baskets or cakes



    Palo Alto   (650) 323-9300  dozen small cupcakes or large cupcakes


    Stanford Decadence   https://rde.stanford.edu/hospitality/decadence