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Parents’ Club of Stanford University

 Cake Delivery Helpful Reminders


      Woodside Bakery

325 Sharon Park Drive, Menlo Park

Monday – Friday 11 – 4 PM, Saturday 11-3 PM

 (650) 854-6207



Need Red Bags & Plate Kits?

Sara Jackson’s at 735 Alvarado Court, right off of Mayfield.  Green container at her front door. If supplies are low, inform Volunteer Delivery Coordinator.



The Delivery Process

  • Make greeting cards from the purchaser
  • Contact students before the delivery if you want to meet them at a specified time.  Since graduate student housing might be difficult to access, you should contact them in advance.
  •  Day of Delivery:
  • Wear your name tag. If you have lost it, inform VP, Deliveries.
  • Have plate kits and red bags.  One plate kit for 8 inch round cake and two plate kits for ¼ sheet cakes.
  • Place cookies in red bag only when student is not at the dorm.  These customized bags are expensive to print.
  • Sign the white invoice at the bakery.  If splitting the order with someone else, write down exactly what you are taking.
  • Dorm access card is available at Lasuen Housing Desk (650-723-8004), 572 Mayfield Ave, Mon-Fri from 11- 4 PM.  Return card after deliveries.  Saturday volunteers can sign out card on Friday and return same day in the night drop box at the front of building.
  • Except for bagged cookies, label boxes with student name for cakes, tarts, brownies muffins, and cupcakes.  Place these items in a refrigerator if the student is not present.  If roommate accepts delivery, ask them to refrigerate item.  Send a text message to the student to let them know where you delivered their surprise.
  • Contact Volunteer Delivery Coordinator or VP, Deliveries for any emergency during your delivery.



Updated 11/21/19 (WOO)



Undergraduate Housing Access Card


Effective, September 23, 2019, housing access cards are available to Stanford Parents Club Delivery volunteers to enter dorms only for deliveries.  The access card can be signed out at the Lasuen Housing Front Desk located at 572 Mayfield Ave (light gray house on the corner of Mayfield and Campus Drive East - RIGHT side when driving from Junipero Serra Blvd).   After you pass this house, you can access a parking lot which will take you to the back of the house.  Park in lot or next to dumpster and enter via the back door.

The access card is available 11 AM - 4 PM, Monday - Friday.  It must be signed out and returned daily by 5 PM.   Please bring your picture ID.  The dorm access cards are kept in a white binder labeled Parents Club.

*Housing desk is closed on Saturday.  For Saturday volunteers, the housing office will allow us to pick up the card on Friday and return the card in the night drop slot in the front of the building after deliveries.

The housing desk will have our schedule of volunteers who are delivering each week.  This access card can only be used for our on-campus deliveries.  There will be a reportable record of entries into residences.  Stanford does not want our volunteers to access their student's dorm(s) or dorms that are not on the delivery list.  If your delivery list includes a dorm where your student resides, please let me know.

Housing desk supervisor will conduct audits to make sure the Parents Club delivery volunteers are adhering to rules.

We are extremely appreciative for Stanford Housing to entrust us with these access cards. They are very helpful and make the delivery process speedier.   There will be times when the housing desk might be closed due to staffing issues or meetings.

Please send feedback, questions, or issues regarding these cards.



Amy Woo

VP, Deliveries


610 322 9779